Monday, November 21, 2011

Is that a chartreuse rose?

There is nothing wrong with a chartreuse rose. Who says you have to make lifelike fondant flowers in lifelike colors? Is there a rule book somewhere that I am not aware of? I will make lime green roses if I want to make lime green roses.

Maybe I am just a little extra feisty after the week that I have had. You know those food network competitions where they build the huge beautiful chocolate sculptures and the clock is ticking down and the chefs are going to put the final touches on and the thing crashes to the ground into a million little pieces in what seems like slow motion? I can officially say I know how that feels. A whole quarter of chocolate work and nothing to show for it. I didn't even get a picture before it was destroyed by a too warm chocolate kitchen. It capped off a already crummy week and drained my resolve to keep a happy face on and work through the all the crap.

I don't think I have ever been more ready for the holidays than this year. Between the stress of classes wrapping up for good, a possibly totaled car, being sick every other week, all I want to do is be home with my family and friends, not worrying about real life for a while. Soon, I will be sitting at the dinner table surrounded by all my favorite people, eating delicious turkey, brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes and cheesy corn, drinking some beaujolais nouveau, and just taking it all in.

There is just something about sharing a meal with the ones you love to set everything right, if even just for a little while. When I get back from home, its back into cake making and work mode full force until after new years. I am actually very happy that I have quite a few side projects lined up, even though I am incredibly busy. The cakes and desserts that I make for freelance projects are always the most fun, and the ones that I can pour my creativity into. No matter how many hours I put in, or long, late nights I stay up working on a cake, it's pretty much always worth it in the end.

To give someone a original, delicious, and gorgeous cake that you designed and created with your two hands is one amazing feeling. And that feeling can mean a lot when other things in your life aren't going so well.

I hope everyone reading has an absolutely wonderful thanksgiving and has some time to spend with the people in their lives who make them happy. Or at the very least I hope you get to eat a lot of mashed potatoes. 


In bucatarie cu Aziz said...

My God !!!!!!This is PERFECT!!!!!!!!

Jane S. said...

You're right, there is nothing wrong with a chartreuse rose! That is a beautiful cake. The designs along the bottom look like tatting!

Lisa said...

What an absolutely stunning cake - you are extremely gifted! AND - your choice of lime green roses is beauiful and unique! I'd order this cake in a heartbeat!

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Found it...well hours ago and I have been adding many many of your recipes on my Pinterest!
You are very talented, can't wait to try some of these recipes!

Brooke and Mckenzie

Bria said...

thank you so much everyone for the kind words!! I have a ton of fun and interesting cakes coming up so stay tuned for more!!

Embla said...

That rose is absolutely gorgeous. Everything on your blog is so beautiful. :)

Anonymous said...

This is the cutest cake I have ever seen!

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