Monday, February 23, 2015

Cake-a-palooza Day 2

Day 2! Today we have a three-tiered beauty with gold leaf and watercolor panels.

I am an avid follower of fellow cake designers whether it be through blogs, Pinterest, twitter, or Facebook, or creeping in the windows of cake studios here in Chicago. Most of my time online is spent looking at wedding cakes, checking out whats new and trending in the industry, and gathering inspiration for designs of my own. 

I have always been a huge advocate of creative integrity, and of giving credit where credit is due. I try never to copy another cake artist's design, because that isn't fair to me, to said cake artist, or to the client who is expecting a custom, one of a kind cake. That does not mean that I don't get ideas from other cakes, but I always try to put a twist on them and make them my own. This cake includes some techniques and styles that were made popular by JessieCakes and AK Cake Design, but with my own spin. 

The dahlia is a flower I have been working on recently and there are so many types of dahlias that the variations and possibilities are endless. So you can probably expect to see many more from me in the future. 

*This cake was designed and created by Bria Helgerson, for Sugar Fixe Patisserie. 

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